Mental Yoga Week #20: Become a Mini Expert

I frequently come up with an idea for a blog, just the title really, and have no idea what I’m going to say about it until I write it.  This is just such the case.

By mini-expert, I mean take a microcosm of a problem and become an expert, learn all you can in that one area.

Here’s a good idea to focus on:

Read this NY Times article about Recent Job Additions in the Economy. Pick just one idea out of the article and learn everything you can about that one sliver of information.

You could even let the idea present itself to you.  For me, I already know what mine is.  See the comment towards the end of the article:

“I hope that Congress can become human and forget about being Democrats or Republicans and just be human beings to see what it’s like for us,” said Annette Tornberg, 50, of Sacramento. She was laid off from her job at a printing company in 2009 and has been unable to find work despite sending out more than a thousand résumés, she said. “We’re human beings, and all we want is for you to help us out.”

That idea has been showing up over and over again in my world lately, More and more people believe that Politicians need to just focus on solving the problem and work together across party lines.

So I’m going to become an expert on that idea.  Where  does it have the strongest support?  60 Minutes did an entire article on it last week.  It was a town in rural Middle America.

And, since I happen to agree with the idea, I will also focus on fostering it.

How about you?  What idea in this article captures your attention to such a degree that you’d like to become an expert on it?

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