Mental Yoga Week #21: Pick up your Speed

Rendering of human brain.
Image via Wikipedia

My primary area of interest where mental dexterity is concerned, because of the work I do, is creativity.  However, speed is also a part of mental flexibility.  And, think about it, how many game shows where you can win millions in cash and prizes are about creativity?  They are almost all about speed.

So, you could find someone who likes trivia to make up categories and time them with a stop-watch for you.  Or you could just visit Mental Floss, my favorite online mental flexibility magazine.

Check out their current timed quizzes.  Warning:  they are addictive.  I got the message below AFTER I had already tried my hand at: “Name the last 12 states admitted into the U.S.;”  “Name all the villains in Batman;”  “Name the most congested cities in America.”

You might like to try these other fun quizzes:

Name the 15 Former Soviet RepublicsName the 9 Men Who Won Best Actor TwiceName the Countries in the Epcot World ShowcaseThe Weird City Name QuizThe Wonderlic QuizWhere Is That (Tournament-Bound) School?The Canadian Geography BeeName the Presidents Who Served Less Than One Full TermBorderlines: A U.S. Geography Quiz

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