Mental Yoga Week #24: Find a Substitute

Back when my fourth nephew, Daniel, was around four years old, about twelve years ago, we used to play a What IF game.  The game went like this:  What if you were stranded on a desert island and had to survive?  How would you:  (a) find found (b) make shelter (c) stay healthy.

He could play that game for hours, and some of the inventions he made were absolutely amazing.  Children are creative until it’s drummed out of them by the education system or by parents who have lost their imaginations.

Sometimes I would say:  Okay here are the things you had with you when you were stranded, or sometimes he would decide what he had with him, and sometimes, when he was feeling particularly imaginative, he would say he got stranded with only the clothes on his body.

I remember those days fondly.  He’s still a fairly imaginative fellow.  I like to think we “rubbed off” on each other.

This week I wanted to make a hot toddy for my scratchy throat and congestion.  I thought I had honey, but when I got home with the other ingredients (my version uses Dr. Pepper, lemon and bourbon), I realized I did not.  What to do?

Then I noticed the honey and lemon cough drops sitting on the counter. Voule’!  I dropped a few in to the hot, steamy drink and a perfect hot toddy was created.

Where can you use substitutes to create an even better version in your life?

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