Mental Yoga Week #27: Learn something outside your comfort zone

We’ve officially passed the half-way mark on our journey to Supreme Mental Flexibility. If you’re like me and reading this blog, you probably love to learn. But do you stick to the same subjects?

To really stretch yourself, try learning about something that is TOTALLY outside your comfort zone or, even better, a subject you don’t really like.

For me the latter topics would include: Accounting priniciples, the ultra-conservative right of the political spectrum, or somebody like Lady GaGa. There’s got to be something redeeming about her, right?

There are several ways to go about your quest. 1. Internet search for your topic. (stumbleupon is a great resource that I have mentioned before.)

2. Go to an online training directory to search. Here are a few: or or

3. Or if you’d like some in-depth learning and to work on your interpersonal skills, interview a subject matter expert.

Happy Learning!

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