Mission Reach: New Southside Eco-system

Right now, the thing that makes me proudest to be a Southsider is Mission Reach, San Antonio’s new eco-system being built along the San Antonio River. The project is located just south of Brackenridge High School and the King William District and will extend all the way to the end of the Mission Trail.

Today is obviously NOT a good day to see it, but when the weather is warm and sunny, it will absolutely take your breath away.

Uncle Ernie, my 81-year-old “playmate” and consummate nature lover says he never thought he’d see the day we’d have such a beautiful playground for all ages on the Southside. My favorite part so far is the footbridge just south of Roosevelt Park that crosses the river. It is made out of native rock that is painted with metallic paint.

I will be writing more and sharing more of my adventures with Uncle E, Prissy and my new dog, Smiley, along the river. But for really excellent photos, videos, plans and progress reports, visit the Mission Reach section of the SARA at http://www.sanantonioriver.org/mission_reach/mission_reach.php

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