Event Announcement

Normally, mid-week is the time I post fun activities around San Antonio.  Today’s announcement is about a fun event, but it also happens to be about hypnosis.  Starting Friday night, February 11th, I will be conducting a Small Group Hypnosis Session:  Stress Management for Economic Survival.

How Small Group Works

Because the classes are small, they can be tailored to the pressing issues of the week for group members.  One week we may be focusing more on letting go of obstacles to success.  The next week we might be dealing with remaining calm in the face of “scary” issues.  The first week will be an introduction to hypnosis for stress management.

In all sessions, participants will be receiving Techniques for Instant Self Hypnosis that they can use to immediately relax and de-stress when they don’t have time to listen to a hypnosis CD.

The benefits of using hypnosis for stress reduction are:

Improved Sleep
Mental Clarity
Reduced Anxiety
Better organizational skills
Improved focus and ability to concentrate
Increased Learning abilities
Peace of Mind
Strengthened Immune System

If you live in or will be visiting the San Antonio area at that time, feel free to register here:

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