Mental Yoga Week #30: Play with Time

This mental yoga tip is something I do all the time.  You know that Einstein said that time isn’t really real. It’s a construct.  There are times, when I decide to do it, that I get an incredible amount of stuff done.  Then I stop and look at the clock and five minutes have passed.  Seriously.

Unfortunately, the last three weeks I’ve been experimenting with the opposite end of the spectrum, which is my excuse for not having any blog articles completed.  It’s not that I haven’t been writing.  In fact, I’ve been writing more than normal. I just haven’t been blogging.  So TIME to get back on track.

To start playing with time, begin by examining your beliefs about it.  An easy way to explore your temporal beliefs is to watch what you say about time for a day.  How many times do you catch yourself saying things like:  “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” “I wish I had more time.”  “I’d love to stay and help you, but I’m out of time.” “This project is too time-consuming.”

Now, review your attitudes about time and decide which ones you want to keep and which ones are holding you back.  For example, does the idea “There aren’t enough hours in the day” really do you or ANY of us any good?

Try this idea instead:  I have all the time I need to do everything I want or need to do.

Use it as an affirmation for one week and see what happens.  This is the beginning sentence in my Success Mantra that I started saying less than a month ago.  If I told you all the amazing things that have happened to me since I started saying it, you wouldn’t believe me.

We’ll do some more time work in a few days.

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