Week #31 Mental Yoga- Change of Scenery– Part II

Ok, obviously I’m still stuck in a time warp somewhere because two weeks have gone by with no blogging. Hmmh.  Again, I’m getting an incredible amount of writing done. Just not blogging.

I’m writing about getting a change of scenery as a mental yoga exercise this week for selfish reasons.  It will be easy for me to report on my results next week.  I am getting a change of scenery tommorrow… going to the International Hypnosis Federation Convention in San Pedro, CA

There is nothing crazier than a room full of hypnotists.  We used to have this convention on the Queen Mary, but I think we scared the ghosts. That was a wild experience.

Anyway, even though I call literally feel the buzzing energy in CA, it is enjoyable to go for the change of pace and to see old friends.

How about you?  Got any place you can escape to for a long weekend and defrag your mental computer?

Here’s why I think that changes of scenery are good Mental Yoga Exercises:

You look at things through new eyes when it is stuff you don’t see every day.  Go someplace new and notice how the grass looks greener and people’s smiles seem more genuine.

It’s refreshing. 

I like the feeling of traveling incognito, too. It’s somehow comforting to me.

Told you hypnotists were crazy.

Anyway, try to go alone; the experience is more powerful.

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