Mental Yoga Week #32– Build Some Dream Power

Chatham IL - I.O.O.F./Caldwell Building - Olde...
Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr

I woke up this morning after having a dream about a commercial building that seemed to be held together by crazy glue.  I kept having to go to the bathroom (really, almost ready to wake up), and I would have to duck down under this delapidated spiral staircase, crawl on my hands and knees at some point and squeeze through to get there.  The whole place was archaic.

For 10 years, I kept dream journals, so I know what my own symbols mean. (Forget about those silly dream dictionaries.) A commercial building represents my own business, just as a house represents my personal life. And, I have just finished reading The 4-Hour Work Week (5-stars, a life changing, must-read book.)  The book gives a multitude of helpful hints for setting up your business to run itself.  This idea has been a goal of mine since the day I went into business.

So the dream was showing me the PRESENT state of my business.  Thanks! Like I need my dreams to tell me.

Then I realized WHY I had the dream.

Change the inner to change the outer.

So, I’m going to dream about amazingly modern commercial buildings.  Finding images and creating a dream poster is one way to germinate the manifestation. Then I remembered my symbol for my business on an old dream poster, still hanging on my wall, is a trail ride (with the words above “There is no such thing as a Small Business.” ) This is pretty much the idea behind Tim Ferriss‘ book.  An internet-based business can make very good money with no full-time employees and very little interaction from the owner. I had given myself that hint back in 1996 when I created that poster.

The Answers you seek are already within you, Grasshopper.

Voila! Now we’re talking.

So now I change the image and tell myself to dream about it.  The dreams help manifest the new reality.

What is it you want to change about your life? You can build a dream poster or dream the new life or both.  The choice is always yours.


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