Mental Yoga Week #34: Seeing Past Tough Times

Last week I said I was going to go through Oprah’s Master Class ideas on this blog as part of my Mental Yoga series.  This week we look at “The Upside of Hard Times.” Why? How many people do you know right now who don’t think they are experiencing hard times. If you’re in business for yourself, chances are you are not making as much money as you were before 2007.  Even if you have a job, many don’t, you might be “under-employed.”

My ex-mother-in-law, who is my soul mother, likes to laugh and say, “Kathy, I know these are character-building experiences, but do we really need any more character?”

You probably feel that way, too, at least sometimes.

If you want to appreciate this time in your life more, go back to a time in your life that was equally “the pits.” Then make a list of the things you learned and/or the good things that came out of that experience.  Example for me: My second divorce. I really adored my second husband, but looking back now, he was very risk-averse. I don’t think I could have attempted to do many of the things I have done in business because he would have worried about us becoming financially destitute.

Well, guess what?!  I’ve been finally destitute. It’s no big deal. Learning to live without fear is just like a MasterCard commercial in my books… priceless!

So how about your life?  Don’t pick the current situation because you haven’t had time to really review it; you’re still in it.  Go back to a time in the past that really seemed terrible at the time.  And journal about all the blessings that came out of that experience. If you feel really inspired, you can turn it into a poem or make a vision board.

Good luck!

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