“Quitting Smoking and Staying Quit”

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Recently I’ve had a rash of people who quit smoking with me 5 or 6 years ago (using hypnosis), but recently started smoking again.  When I get a repeat offender, I ask these three questions (1) Do you still have and use your hypnosis CD? (2) What has changed in your life recently? (3) Why do you think you started back? The answers are illuminating.

Invariably, the answer is “no” on the CD question, even though when I work with someone, I say, “If you ever go through a highly stressful period in your life, take out your CD, even though you are not smoking, and start listening to it again, for stress relief.” The CD works just like a stop-smoking drug, only better, because the only side affects are: improved sleep, reduced stress and, many clients report being more motivated and productive, especially at work.

Think about it… If you’re sleeping better and feeling less stressed, wouldn’t you be more efficient and productive at work? (JOB Security)

The answers to the “what-has-changed-in-your-life?” question are a bit more variable. Many have just come back from Iraq or Afghanistan and started again when they were at war. Smoking used to be encouraged at war. It may still be. Some divorced. Some lost or changed jobs. All major stressors.

Relief? Using the “stop smoking” or a “stress relief” hypnosis CD. Other good stress relievers include the Eastern forms of exercise/meditation, including Yoga, Tai Chi or some form of martial arts. I call them “physical hypnosis.” Other types of exercise will help, too.

There is a certain group of repeat offenders who fall into the category “I thought I could smoke just one.” They have a wide range of stories: “We went on vacation and I told myself, ‘Oh I’ll just smoke while I’m here.'” or “We were working late on a big project and my co-worker was smoking and I bummed one.” You get the picture.

Again, the solution, NO ONE can smoke just one. I cannot speak for other hypnotists, but on my stop smoking CD, and my clients KNOW this, I emphasize never taking even ONE puff ever again. I make quitters take a MENTAL OATH to never take even one drag off another cigarette.

Another simple yet effective way to keep yourself on track is to use one of your post-hypnotic suggestions regularly, even when you’re not smoking. I’m such a big believer in post-hypnotic suggestions that I recently had one (water) added to the back of my business card. You see aqua blue water covering the back of my card and, in lighter blue letters, the words say Any time you see the color blue or think about water or drink water, you will RELAX.

On my stop smoking CD, one of the 7 post-hypnotic suggestions is: Whenever you see the color gold, you think: I’m a winner! I’ve kicked the habit!

If you or someone you know has picked up this nasty habit again, I hope you find these suggestions illuminating. If you or someone you know is thinking about quitting, here is a link to a free two-minute hypnosis session to get you in the right frame of mind to quit regardless of the technique you decide to use.


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