Mental Yoga Week #40: Give Yourself a Break

My first reaction when I noticed I had not posted anything in a month was, “OMG! I’m really slacking!” Then I stepped back, took a deep breath and reviewed all the things I had going on in the past month, including an office move (even if it was only to a new suite, it was STILL a move…ugh!!), taking on two additional work projects, attending one nephew’s play and two others’ birthday parties AND managing to squeeze in a mini-vacation with my oldest friend. I decided to give myself a break.

In honor of the holidays, I think you should, too.

Even if all you have time for is to sit some place quietly for 15 minutes and soak up the sunshine or feel the breeze, DO IT!

A long time ago, I realized that not all clients would take the time to listen to a hypnosis CD, even if I told them they could put it on at night when they went to bed.
BUT, most will stop a few times per day to breathe deeply and imagine blue water, or an orange sunset or the feel of sand under their feet.

Giving yourself a mental break is like re-booting your computer. You’ll find it’s just easier to cope.

I have a sound machine in my office. I am usually playing the ocean waves or the rain forest. With the ocean sounds, I imagine I’m lying on the beach and the waves are washing over me and washing away all the mental cobwebs.

In the rain forest, my animal guides come from around a bend in the path to bring me inspiration. One day a monkey comes up and starts laughing at me, to remind me to lighten up and not take myself so seriously. Another day a shark tells me to “just keep swimming” in order to survive the current economic times. (Sharks don’t float.)

Come up with a mini-relaxation program that works for you. Use it for a week and notice the difference in your energy level.

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