Mental Yoga Week #46: Study the Contradictions in your Life.

A common thread that seems to be running through all the commentary of all the scribes and gurus who write about this current time we live in … this end of the Mayan calendar time… is that our DNA is being reorganized to usher in a new time of increased cooperation.

If that’s truly the case, it’s not a moment too soon, in my books.

If you really look at the cold, hard facts of the World we live in today, it does appear that we are imploding in on ourselves, weighed down by thousands of nearly defunct structures.

And, as my hero, Albert Einstein said, “The thinking that got us into this mess will not get us out.”

Yet, like Anne Frank, I remain an optimist.

One of those gurus, I believe it was Rev. Angela Peregoff, said that, in these times, we would be faced with the paradoxes and contradictions of our lives. Her statement got me thinking.

This happens to be a recurring theme of mine from way back. Every few years it seems something stirs in my life to cause me to examine the places where I’m not true to my own nature. And so I am yet again.

But you might ask, “Why is this particular self-examination important?”

I can give you several reasons. First, if you are sending the Universe mixed messages about what you want out of your life, you will have inconsistent manifestations of your hopes and desires. Second, that inconsistency in thought creates an inconsistency in body which often leads to illness. (Presently, I am suffering with a hellacious recurring sinus infection.)

Since one of my top two goals for 2012 is to get truly  physically healthy, I’m working on examining and resolving the contradictions in my life.

I’ll be writing more on this topic so stay tuned.

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