Diamond in the Rough#3: Ernest’s Auto & A/C Repair

My third DITR winner is my mechanic, Ernest (and his son JR).  The things I love about Ernest : They tell you what they are going to do and give you a good estimate of what it will cost. Then they call you back to let you know if there is any additional cost, if they found more of an issue than they originally expected. And they have always gotten done in the same day. They don’t take it more work than they can get done in a day, so it all gets out there on time.

I’ve been dealing with Ernest and JR for years. I’m always happy with what they do. If you ever have to take anything back (30-day guarantee), make sure you bring your receipt with you. They work on lots of cars and it would take they a while to find a copy of your receipt.

For more details, check out the website linked above.

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