Mental Yoga Week #47: How to Be Your Own Hypnotist

My last Mental Yoga episode discussed uncovering the contradictions in your life and why that was a good idea. This one will discuss what to do about it when you find them and how to resolve any issue you are working on, using your own self hypnosis programming.

I have many clients who have been using my and other hypnosis CDs for years. In my opinion, CDs are a powerful and easy way to work on issues. But they don’t work into everyone’s schedule, even if the best time to use them is at night to fall asleep.  I personally prefer my own version of affirmations.

Here’s how I use them:

1. For whatever it is you are trying to resolve in your life, think of a positive statement for how that issue would look if it was resolved. For example, if you are dealing with tons of negative, whiny people in your life at the moment, don’t write: I no longer deal with negative people.  Write: I flow easily and effortlessly with all the relationships in my life. My life is fun and fulfilling. (or whatever you want your life to be.)

Notice the specific word choice I’m using. For one, it is present tense. It is happening NOW. Everything that is joyful in life happens in the now. All change happens NOW. Now is where the power is.

Second, flowing easily and effortlessly implies that, even if there are negative people in your life still, they don’t bother you. See, your reaction to what happens in your life, truly is the secret to having a successful life. It’s not what’s going on around you, it’s how you react to it.  Seems like such a simple concept to me, but it’s amazing how many people don’t get it. Even when I am complaining about something, I’m very cognizant of the fact, that voicing my opinion is about trying to make things better, not letting something get to me. If I do find that something is “getting to me,” then I regroup and find an affirmation I can use to correct MY EXPERIENCE and I keep on moving.

I also have my stable of long-term friends who are sounding boards, or pressure release valves, for me, just as I am for them.

The trick is not to wait until you have pressure to release, but to immediately start an affirmation as soon as you recognize you are unsatisfied with some area of your life.  I like to write mine out on sticky notes and put them up on the bathroom mirror, my car’s dashboard, my computer, or wherever I’m likely to pay attetion. Then I repeat them until I feel a physical shift in my body. Sometime I sing them like “little ditties.”

Give it a whirl the next time something is bugging you.

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