Mental Yoga Week #48: Heal Your Body Affirmations

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Wow! I’ve been out of touch a long time. I thought a great way to make a come back would be with an exercise that uses Louise Hays’ wonderful little book, Heal Your Body.

The book is the ‘bible’ of many holisitic healers. I’ve been sharing it with my clients for 13 years. To use the book, you look up your physical ailments. It then lists the probable emotional cause of the physical problem and an affirmation you can say to release both the pain and the emotional root.

Today I’m sharing the list of affirmations I came up with and put on a cd for myself when I looked up the physical issues with which I am currently dealing.

If any of them ring true for you, feel free to use them.

Interesting that one of the affirmations (that helps with glandular issues) says: “I am the creative power in my world.” since Louise says glands are holding stations for self-starting activity.”

One of the first things my friend Skye Daniels offered to me during my most recent Body Talk ™ session was to say: “I am the creative power in my world.” I then told her about my list of current affirmations.

If you seek confirmation that you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll usually get it.

Here are the rest of the affirmations:

“I live in the present moment joyous and free. I am filled with energy and enthusiasm. My understanding is clear. I am willing to change with the times. I am safe. I move beyond old limitations and now allow myself to express freely and creatively. I joyfully release the past. I am at peace. I am flexible and flowing. I create a new life with new rules that totally support me. I relax and let life flow through me with ease. This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of life. It is safe for me to create all the love I want. I nourish myself with spiritual food. I am satisfied and free. I have the strength, power and skill to digest whatever comes my way in life.”

I purposefully did not tell you what ailments go with which affirmations so you can see which ones resonate for you before you look them up.

I recorded mine on my cd recorder to listen to for a meditation exercise, but you can also let them play while you are doing other things.

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