Mental Yoga Week #36: Making Healthy Connections

Moore Inspirations

One of the components in Oprah‘s Master Class Series is called “The Connections that Sustain Us.” Oprah is quoted as saying, “You cannot survive in this world by yourself.”  And, that’s true.

But you also won’t survive if you stay connected with toxic people.

In this same segment, author of the wonderful book Finding Your Own North Star, Martha Beck does an excellent job of explaining how to screen out and set boundaries from toxic people.

I can tell you from personal experience that the tricky part is getting past guilt and not folding to peer pressure, “What do you mean you divorced your mother? But she’s your mother. You can’t do that!”

Trust me, you can and you should if your mother or any relative is that toxic. If you can’t avoid them completely, then at least limit your interactions with them.

Make sure you…

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