The ABC’s of Hypnosis: Approach the session with the right attitude

The sentiment mentioned above applies to client and hypnotist. As a hypnotist, for me the best attitude is “I’m here to aid you on your journey. I’m not here to fix you, cure you or change your identity. I’m only here to help you accomplish the goals you have selected for yourself.”
Over the years, I’ve had several potential clients ask, “You’re not going to change my personality, are you?” Most people already have quite a bit of fear centered around “change” of any type. Believing that you as hypnotist are going to change them at their core can actually keep them from experiencing what I like to explain as a “life-altering therapy.”

Likewise, you as the client, should not expect that the hypnotist is there to FIX you. (I’ve actually had several clients start our pre-therapy discussion with, “I just want you to FIX  me.”)
A good hypnotist is there to teach you how to change what you don’t like or want to improve, to empower you with the right tools. The magic happens when you leave and continue using the CDs or practicing the homework assignments to make additional changes on your own.

In upcoming blogs, you will learn about:
2. Asking the right questions.         3. Affirming your heart’s desire in words that are powerful for you.

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