ABC’s of Hypnosis: Brain Rejuvenator

One of the biggest advantages of using hypnosis (that I hear over and over again from clients) is how refreshed they feel.

When I’m working with clients, I frequently use imagery like this:

“Imagine you are standing outside on a perfect Spring day. Above you is a warm, refreshing ball of healing sunshine. Breathe in now and imagine that healing sunshine flowing down into every single brain cell. Just like scrubbing bubbles, it is washing away all old, tired, negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences.”

You don’t have to spend an hour listening to a hypnosis CD to get the rejuvenating benefits either. You could simply take a minute or two to imagine being in the scenario listed above. You could repeat the process several times a day or anytime you started to feel your energy waning.

Try it now for a minute or two. Just close your eyes and imagine breathing in that healing sunshine. Then open your eyes and notice any changes in how your feel.

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