The ABC’S of Hypnosis: Charisma Booster

If you look in the Success Stories section of my website (,

You can read K.O’s (not his real name) story. K.O. came in for hypnosis because he was having trouble meeting women. He could meet women casually with no problems, but, if he was interested in the woman as a potential romantic partner, he froze.

Dale (not his real name) was going through a messy divorce from a wife who had decided after 10 years that she wanted to “date other people.” His self-esteem was in the toilet. He also had problems standing up to his boss when he believed he was being treated unfairly or simply to ask for time off.

Romantic issues are not the only reason that a charisma booster is recommended through hypnosis. Sales people, politicians or would-be politicians, entertainers, and leaders of all types can benefit from increased charisma.

The technique involves a combination of direct suggestion and mimicking. I ask the client who their role model is for the desired behavior (also used in sports enhancement). For example, suppose Bill told me he would like to attract women as well as Matthew McConaughey.

Under trance, I would have him imagine what he would hear the actor say, how it would feel to be in his body, how he would see potential dates reacting and so forth. Then I suggest to him that he is now acting just as McConaughey would and getting the same or better results.

The results of this type of session are dramatic and powerful. I typically get several referrals from one charisma session.

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