ABC’s of Hypnosis: Eliminating Cravings/Everything is Hypnosis

One of the easiest things to correct in the weight loss category of hypnosis is cravings.

Much of the success of hypnosis happens when people can see instant results, and cravings-elimination sessions do just that. Imagine how excited my customer was who wrote, “I haven’t had a coke in 6 weeks since our session on cravings!”

When you believe the hypnosis is working for you, the compounding effect starts to happen. Once you see you can make one change with hypnosis, you then believe you can make other changes. And, once the subconscious mind is programmed for success using hypnosis, breakthroughs happen.

That’s why it’s really important not to sure information about what you’re doing with naysayers. If you feel really good about the progress you are making with hypnosis and then go and speak to a “Doubting Thomas,” they can actually hypnotize you to fail.

As my mentor, Shelley Stockwell Nicholas says, “Everything is hypnosis.”

So, whether you’re talking to a doctor who is convincing you that you only have six weeks to live, a boyfriend who convinces you that you are the most beautiful woman alive or the TV commercial that convinces you to try a new product, it’s all hypnosis.

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