ABCs of Hypnosis: Eliminating Cravings (Part 2)

I originally talked about eliminating cravings by using hypnosis back in the Mind Power series, . In that blog post, I mentioned finding a healthy substitute.

An additional means of eliminating cravings with hypnosis is to have the client X out the offending food or beverage or drug and as the item is disappearing or getting smaller, so is the craving for it. The more in depth the sensory experience the better. I have people see it shrinking and feel the craving becoming lessened.

The taste and smell can also be made less attractive if the craving is particularly stubborn. For example, I once had a fellow hypnotist with a craving for gummy worms. She told me before the session that she wanted me to tell her they tasted like maggots.

I don’t usually use such hard-core aversion therapy, but she said she was very addicted to gummy worms and felt she needed to use drastic measures. Weeks after the session, she told me she could no longer even think about gummy worms without gagging.


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