ABCs of Hypnosis: Finding Lost Objects and Memories

Finding Lost Objects and Memories

One of the less well known uses for hypnosis is for retrieving lost objects or memories. The most common “lost objects” I’ve helped people find are wedding rings. Next on the list is cash. I also helped a photographer once who had misplaced wedding photographs.

Whether you’re trying to find objects or memories, the process is the same. I have the person tell me as much as they can remember consciously. Then we go into trance and go back through the memories on a movie screen. The movie theatre technique allows them to fast frame, pause, slow-motion review or enhance any of the details, such as a license plate number. The movie theatre also keeps the client in “observer mode,” which is useful if there are any upsetting memories.

I’ve worked with several clients who needed to retrieve memories of a murder. In one case the client was 3-years-old at the time her mother allegedly committed suicide while she was alone in the house with her. She was able to go back to the event and remember how she survived the weekend alone by opening cabinets and eating what she could find inside. She also remembered distinctly the presence of a third person.

Another client was also a toddler when she was the only witness to her mother’s murder. She, too, could go back 30 years and retrieve the memory of crawling in to a kitchen floor filled with blood and a person exiting the room.  Although she could not determine who the killer was from the memory, she was able to release a long-term, and up to that time, unexplained fear of blood.

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