The ABCs of Hypnosis: Game and Sports Enhancement

In thirteen years, I have worked with clients for almost every type of sports enhancement and several games as well.  Researchers have shown that athletes, who practice their sport in their minds, actually improve the muscle groups they use while physically involved in the sport. The Father of Modern Hypnosis, Milton Erickson, said he could tell who was going to be successful in a sport because they appeared more focused.

In the movie “For Love of the Game,” Kevin Costner plays an aging pitcher.  He gives himself a signal (“Clear the mechanism”) before releasing the ball.  For Costner’s character, once he recites the signal, the din of the crowd silences, and he is totally absorbed in the act of throwing the ball.

So focus and execution are two aspects of sports (or game) performance that hypnosis helps. Self-confidence and emotional control are two more.

To improve the latter two aspects mentioned above, I have clients choose a mentor, some they would like to be more like. I then have them imagine what it would be like to be in that body, making those moves with heightened agility and strength. We focus on any prior weak points with additional positive suggestion. For example, the golfer who choked on long putts sees them all falling in the hole easily and effortlessly.

The problem with most athletes and gamers is a mental one, not a physical one. The mental aspect is what makes hypnosis such a useful tool.

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