ABCs of Hypnosis: Happiness Pill

One of the coolest things I get to do as a hypnotist is to give clients a “happiness pill.” The right suggestion can cause a person to release endorphins and serotonin subconsciously.

The result is a better “high” than one can get from most prescription or illegal drugs, but with no negative side effects.

I like to put the button on the back of the hand and then give the suggestion that any time they press it, they get “the same sensations as they would from being in the most favorite time in their lives, having the most fun they’ve ever had” or even better. I reintroduce the happiness pill several times, each time making it stronger and stronger.

I saw the technique demonstrated by two of my mentors at conventions in California. Both times the subject practically floated out of the room and stayed that way for several hours afterward.

Once you see that you can have such a powerful experience using only your own mental capacity, you typically don’t see the use in recreational drugs.

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