ABCs of Hypnosis: Just Do It!

Procrastination can be eliminated or drastically reduced using hypnosis. Direct suggestion and affirmations work well for this topic.

“I easily and effortlessly complete the most important items on my to-do list daily.”

“I am filled with energy to complete all my projects.”

I also like to have the client go back to a time in their life in which s/he was able to complete projects effortlessly and bring that feeling/energy forward and anchor it with a post hypnotic suggestion  (e.g., Every time I snap my fingers I am motivated to finish all my projects.)

If no such “can do” time exists, the subject can use a surrogate, someone they admire who gets things done. I have them imagine being inside the surrogate’s body, thinking with the surrogate’s brain and organizing/completing tasks accordingly.

I once helped a friend who had put off income taxes for seven years. She had been through a particularly miserable divorce and just couldn’t seem to get motivated to finish her taxes. Even though she didn’t owe any money, lost refunds were already occurring.

When we finished the session, she immediately started working on the taxes and even completed projects that were much older, such as a book manuscript.

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