Sometimes clients show up and are not exactly sure what they want to get from hypnosis. This happens frequently when customers need Spiritual Hypnosis. They may just have a vague feeling of being “ill at ease” without knowing why.

When I get customers with these issues, I typically have them get in touch with their own higher selves or “gurus within.” The resulting session can have profound effects.

Many times, this type of client has already done a great deal of self-awareness work and, frequently, the Higher Self will take them back to revisit an issue that was believed to be resolved.

Over the years, I’ve had clients who were directed by their Higher Selves to review trauma surrounding: the death of a loved one, severe physical, emotional or sexual abuse, a choice with heavy consequences or any number of life-altering experiences.

Often the client believes he has already done all the work necessary around said event. However, the Higher Self always knows what is most needed to move forward in life. Healing from deep wounds works much like peeling the layers of an onion, in stages.

At any rate, asking the Higher Self to clarify the situation is a great way to get unstuck and keep moving forward.


Next Up: Clients who Do know what they want

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