ABCs of Hypnosis: KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT (Part 2)

Unlike the clients in the previous blog, there is another group of customers who are very clear about what they want to accomplish with hypnosis. I’ll call these the list makers.

I love the list makers! They typically bring their list of goals with them to the session.

After reviewing the list, I let them know how many we can include in this initial session and whether any additional sessions will be needed. Some topics fit together (like “anxiety” and “insomnia”.) Some topics would tend to overwhelm the subconscious if they were all tackled at once. (At least that is my belief on the subject.) However, if the client believes they can all be tackled at once, and especially if they have done considerable self work, then I say “Go for it!”

Sessions of this type usually consist of me inducing hypnosis and deepening; giving the client an ego strengthener; and then feeding back the items on this list as affirmations and/or suggestions.

Here’s a list of questions you can use to determine exactly what you want to get out of the hypnosis session:

1.       What is the problem or issue?

2.       How long have you been aware of the issue?

3.       How is the problem affecting your life?

4.       What will your life ideally be like when the issue is resolved?

5.       What are you willing to do to resolve the issue?

a.       Leave the environment?

b.      Multiple sessions?

c.       Homework?

d.      Let go /walk away?

e.      Change the way you look at the issue?

6.       What other resources do you have at your disposal?

7.       How will you know when the issue is resolved?

Write your list out and bring it to your session.

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