ABCs of Hypnosis: Medical Issues/ Surgery prep

One of the great uses for hypnosis is with preparation for surgery. Hypnosis can be used to help the procedure flow more smoothly with minimal complications, including less pain, less bleeding, little or no digestive or elimination issues, good vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar) and no infection. It can also be used to speed up the healing process.

I have worked with clients having knee surgery, cataract surgery, dental surgery, open-heart surgery, breast removal, tumor removal and colon cancer surgery to name a few. In every case, clients reported fewer complications than expected or none at all and being back up on their feet quickly.

In one case, a client asked me to suggest to her that she would be out of the hospital on a certain day because she couldn’t afford a lengthy stay. She got out exactly on the day that I suggested to her.

My mother had Lasix surgery. She was worried because her own mother found the experience so painful that she never had the second eye done. In my mother’s case, she was so relaxed thanks to hypnosis that she asked the doctor, “When can we schedule the next one?”

Customers report the same results after invasive medical procedures, such as catscans, MRIs, colonoscopies and endoscopies.

I also have several hypnosis CDs (available on my Hypnosis CD page) you can order if you cannot make it in for a session.

Rainbow Fountain of Healing: is for all types of healing (mental, physical, emotional or spiritual) and works well in conjunction with massage, reiki or acupuncture

Surgery Prep and Recovery: have a safe surgery and quick recovery time.

I can also create a custom CD for you, over the phone and send it to you via dropbox or mail a CD for $80.



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