ABCs of Hypnosis: Natural Sleep

People tend to have sleep issues for one of these reasons:

1.       They have trouble shutting their mind off and falling asleep.

2.       They fall asleep relatively easily, but wake up in the middle of the night due to:

a.       Worry/Former Trauma

b.      Hot flashes

c.       Pain

d.      Need to urinate

Hypnosis can actually help with all these scenarios. In scenario #1, the client can be taught deep relaxation techniques that focus attention on the body, not the mind. Typically, the client learns to relax the body starting at the top of the head and then working all the way down to the feet. With practice, the client will be asleep long before they get to the feet.

Hot flashes, pain and frequent urination are medical issues that are treated by a health care provider. However, additional suggestion by a hypnotist can greatly improve outcomes. When I went through hot flashes, I developed a signal I would give myself when awakened (“Deep sleep. Deep Sleep. Deep Sleep.”) and fall right back to sleep.

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