ABCs of Hypnosis: NOW


There is a really good reason that a quick review of the internet yields the following best-selling book titles:

Living in the Now

The Power of Now

It’s my life Now

Let Go and Live Now

Life in the Now

There’s even an award for Now books. The Living Now Book Awards are intended to promote newly-published lifestyle books that will help readers enrich their lives in wholesome, Earth-friendly ways. (so says the website.)

Every thing you do happens in the NOW. Think about it. You can say, “I’m going to quit drinking soft drinks tomorrow.” Or, you can simply quit today….Now. Where is the power?

You know that saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” People in Hell spent all their time living in the future or the past. People who actually make the world a better place, do it NOW.

Back in my twenty’s, when I finally got serious about my Spiritual Journey, the book that had the most profound impact on my soul was “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts, who channeled the 10,000 year old spirit Seth. And the most profound line in the book is “The point of power is in the present moment.”

I found this cool blog from a young lady in China if you are interested in knowing more about the Seth books.

The interesting thing about the subconscious mind is that it only lives in the now. It has no concept of past or present. Everything happens to the subconscious NOW. That’s why it is important to write suggestion using present tense.

You can suggest to the subconscious: ” I am getting healthier every day.” But if you say,
“I will get better,” the subconscious just files that suggestion away for some later date. (The latter suggestion runs rampant in “The Idiot’s Guide to Hypnosis.” The book evidently truly is written for idiots.)


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