ABCs of Hypnosis: Open your mind, open your heart

One of my absolute favorite hypnosis books is called Hypnotherapy For Health, Harmony, And Peak Performance: Expanding The Goals Of Psychotherapy, by Havens and Walters. I love using the scripts in this book (or a variation thereof) for a wide range of issues.

One group of scripts, in the peak performance book, is for increasing optimism. When you think about it, no matter why a person comes in to see me, increasing their optimism can’t possibly hurt. Optimism has been useful when working with clients seeking new jobs, suffering from depression, looking for their soul mate, going through a difficult divorce, stopping smoking or drinking or improving any area of their lives.

Another section is about tapping into hidden resources, contacting the guru within, that sort of thing. Teaching a client to learn to tap into their own resources and trust their own inner guidance is a very rewarding experience for a hypnotist. I would rather teach people to fish than to fish for them any day.

Another section is for being more connected to others. When I teach groups, I frequently have two people sit facing each other. One person is the receiver, the other the sender. They practice tuning in to each other’s heart. Then they share impressions with each other. It tends to be a dramatic, expansive and thought-provoking experience.

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