ABCs of Hypnosis: Questions to Ask a Potential Hypnotist

Most importantly, ask your potential hypnotist how much experience they have working with your particular problem area.  Then listen for specifics. Vague generalizations let you know that they are BS-ing.

Here’s what happens when someone calls me: Suppose Carla calls in and wants to stop smoking. I explain that I do two sessions in one, a 50-minute and a 15-minute follow-up. I also tell her about the 7 post hypnotic suggestions that I include and why I do that. I then speak about the success stories from clients who have stopped smoking with me.

I answer any specific questions about the process as well.

 Other important questions are:

Can I have a list of client references?

Or do you have them on your website?

How many hours of training and continuing education do you have?

(Keep in mind, a medical degree doesn’t necessarily mean the hypnotist has much training. Frequently someone with a medical license has taken a weekend course in hypnosis.)

Generally, the more clients they’ve seen and the more training they’ve had the better equipped they will be to help you with your issues.

Most importantly, when you talk to them, do you feel comfortable with them? If a hypnotist cannot establish enough rapport to help you relax, you are not likely to achieve good results.

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