ABCs of Hypnosis: Vision and Hypnosis

I’m working with a client right now who wants to use hypnosis to improve her vision. How great! I’d like to improve my vision, too. So she brought me a wonderful book, called Hypno-Vision by Lisette Scholl, that already has the scripts mapped out.

Scholl also wrote the book Visionetics. Her program incorporates massage, acupressure, body movement, visualization and hypnosis to improve vision naturally. The Hypno-Vision book has programs for myopics (near-sighted), presbyopics (far-sighted, like me), astigmatism (poor vision due to defective curvature of the cornea), strabismus (eyes that turn in or out), hyperopia (distant objects seen more distinctly than near ones, cataracts, glaucoma (abnormally high fluid pressure of the eye), macular degeneration (loss of sharp focus) and retinitis pigmentosa (night blindness leading to tunnel vision).

According to Scholl’s book, the program for myopics takes eight weeks and the one for people like me only takes four weeks. The purpose of the hypnosis is to reinforce to the subconscious mind that healing the vision is possible and that the results of the exercises, massage and acupressure are taking hold rapidly.

I knew about hypnosis for vision in school, but this is my first adventure working with a client, so it’s very exciting to me. You can record your own sessions and try it for yourself.  Just pick up a copy of Scholl’s book.

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