ABCs of Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy for Wellness

I think it only fitting that my first blog of the new year be about using hypnosis to maintain an optimum state of wellness. When I think about that concept, the first person who comes to mind is my dear friend Harold McCoy who left this plane of existence on July 7, 2010. Harold was the Director of the Ozark Research Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He traveled the world teaching the power of the mind to heal the body.

But one of my favorite “Harold stories” was about his habit of sitting down every night during his meditations (in which he sent healing energy) upon request to those in need. As part of his ritual, he also spent time, “thinking himself young.”

Here is the beginning of  An Article by Harold McCoy called:

  • Using the Mind to Heal the Body
  • by Harold McCoy
  • In just a few years, a change has occurred, and ever-increasing numbers of people now find they have the ability to facilitate healing over long distances, to communicate with nature spirits to grow healthier plants, to relocate insects and other pests from the house or garden, to “program” thought forms around homes and businesses for some desired result…and, yes, “bend spoons.”  The possibilities are limitless.
  • If thoughts actually have power to bend spoons, divert streams of water hundreds of thousands of miles away, and cause spiritual healing to take place because someone intends with thought for that healing to happen…no matter what the distance, then we must realize that our life will never be the same.  It will be better! Read on…

Happy New Year and Good Health, and a Long and Prosperous Life to You!

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