ABCs of Hypnosis: X-ing out Negatives

Here is a little trick you can use to get rid of anything that is unwanted from your life. I typically use it when I am helping people eliminate food cravings, but the basic priniciple works with anything you wish to eliminate from your life: relationships, negative thoughts, bad habits, you name it.

For food cravings, after putting the person into a light to moderate state of trance, I have them go into the control room of their own mind, a good place to become familiar with for yourself. In that room, they let images of the foods their body wants to be rid of. I never tell the person what they SHOULD eliminate. Their own mind and body know best. As the images come into place, I say, “Now put a big RED x over the image. It’s shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, disappearing, poof, out of sight, out of mind. You no longer have the desire for that food or beverage.

I like to use a bucket of red paint and a brush in the imagery, but whatever works for you is perfectly fine. Pay particular attention if your subconscious changes the directions. If you are trying consciously to do this technique, but another way of doing it pops into your mind, it is definitely your subconscious mind steering the ship.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you do.

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