ABCs of Hypnosis: Forever Young Hypnosis

Just as you can use the mind to heal, you can use it to slow down or even curtail aging. Personally, I think for best results, use numerous mini sessions rather than a long one. Here are some suggestions. Pick one or adapt it to suit your needs.

1. Put yourself in a light trance for just a couple of minutes daily and imagine:
a. you are standing under a healing waterfall that is washing away all toxins that promote aging.
b. you are drinking an anti-aging elixir and then drink a glass of water when you finish.
c. you are visiting your own private healing garden in which the Fountain of Youth is located

2. Put yourself in a light trance for just a few minutes daily and give yourself the post-hypnotic
suggestion that:
a. every time you see the blue sky you are getting younger
b. every time you drink water you are young again
c. every time you smile you are getting younger.

3. Write anti-aging affirmations and post them where you will notice them.
Example: I am as young as I feel and I feel 20 years old. (choose the age when you were the happiest or healthiest)

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