ABCs of Hypnosis: Zeroing in on Issues

I LOVE clients who come to me with a LIST. Lists are a great way to zero in on what the person is looking for. Different hypnotists have different strengths. Mine are that I am a very good listener and that I am good at taking what the client says and then using the best words to create the desired outcomes. So lists help me do my job faster. They also help me to be sure to cover all the bases.

If you are developing a list to work on your own goal accomplishment, you have several options. You can make a list of problems, or a list of desired outcomes or both. If you’re going to work with a hypnotist, I would include both. First, sometimes when I’m reviewing lists, I can see that the problems listed may or may not be the reasons that the client isn’t currently achieving the desired results. This happens frequently with weight loss. There are usually underlying reasons why, for example, a person says, “I’m only going to have salad for dinner tonight,” but then ends up driving by the taco stand. Reviewing the goals and the problem areas together can frequently identify areas in which more discussion is required.

As a hypnotist, lists also help me see where I can work synergistically. Some issues can be worked on simultaneously and some issues need to be worked on first before others can be addressed. For example, if a client comes in with an alcohol addiction and depression, generally the alcohol needs to be addressed first since it is most likely the symptom, while depression is the core issue.

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