101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step #10 Feel Your Emotions

This was a project I made in an Art Therapy class that I titled "Connectedness."
This was a project I made in an Art Therapy class that I titled “Connectedness.”

I’ve told this story many times, and I think I learn more about myself every time I tell it. Back when I was a sales manager in the food business, I tricked myself into going into therapy. I thought I was going to experience Past Life Regressions, which I did. However, I ended up actually doing work to release stuck emotions as well. I found out WHY they were stuck. That’s interesting, but as I tell my clients who go through years of therapy before they come see me to get rid of the problem: knowing why won’t solve the problem. You have to TAKE ACTION, like my long time guru, Tony Robbins says, if you want to make changes in your life. Fortunately for me, my psychotherapist was also a hypnotist, who was great at dream interpretation as well.

Well…. I can tell you from experience, when you release trapped emotions, you’re going to be able to feel sad when something sad happens in your life, but you’re also going to be able to feel Pure Joy, too. Just being able to feel a full range of emotions is a joyful experience as far as I am concerned. There are many ways to go about releasing your trapped emotions. I chose psychotherapy, past life regression and body work (massage) to break loose. But there are a wide range of therapies available: Art Therapy, Somatic Release, Body Talk, any cathartic experience, like painting, glass blowing, singing.

If you are where I was 25 years ago, when I referred to myself as “emotionally constipated,” give one of these techniques a try.

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