101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step 12 Learn to Say Whatever (Sylvia)

So here’s Step 12 from one of my happy friends, Slyvia: Learn to say “Whatever.”  The saying is best used with the hand gesture (see photo to the left) that consists of holding 3 fingers up to form a W and placing them on the forehead. The saying and gesture come in handy when someone is trying to give you a hard time about something, rain on your parade, convince you of something that you could care less about or any similar situation. Use of the Whatever saying and gesture has the effect of making everyone laugh and forget about whatever they were arguing about in the first place.

Try it the next time someone tries to rain on your parade.

And, just in case you next to text the gesture, here is the emoticon.


Whatever emoticon (Misc. text emoticons)

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