How to be Really Happy: Step #13 Get Over It (Cynthia)

Not everyone is born happy like Goldie Hawn. Some people have to work really hard at it, but I think they are sometimes the happiest of all. My friend, Cynthia, is one of those people. She, like many people, had to overcome many difficult situations and experiences to get where she is today. Cynthia’s happiness advice is to “Just get over it!” Everyone has things in their life that were not easy or fun. You can dwell on the “not so fun part” of your life, or you can say ‘whatever’ and get over it. Spiritual guru Carolyn Myss calls it woundology, people who are stuck in their stuff. We’ve all met someone like that, people who blame every single thing that is wrong in their lives with something that happened when they were five years old. I literally know someone who blames most of her issues in adult life on a lost report card in the first grade. Really? Whatever.

The most amazing people I know are the people like Cynthia, who really did have something MAJOR happen as kids and even more major things happen as an adults and who let it all go and move on. Instead of becoming emotional cripples, these people become the way showers.

You can stand in a dark room and curse the darkness or you can become the light. The choice is yours.not a tree

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