How to be Really Happy: Step #14 Pay Attention to Your Filters (Dr. Fikes)

So one of the things I like most about my dentist is that we get into these great philosophical discussions. He’s also slightly crazy which I enjoy. When I started this blog, I said, while in his chair, “You’re always posing these questions to me. I’ve got one for you. What’s your secret for being happy?” After a lengthy explanation, which is the way he does things, he gave me an answer that I thought was pretty clever. The boiled down version is: Pay Attention to Your Filters. Notice the things that get a reaction out of you and either choose not to go there or change the filter. For example, if those religious fanatics who knock on your door trying to convert you, cause you to lose control, simply (a) don’t answer the door (b) say whatever to them– which I think would serve two purposes because they would probably think it was some form of witchcraft and never darken your door again (c) open your mind and choose to see how much you can learn from the experience (d) join the Hari Krishnas.  ….no, just kidding. I wanted to see if you were paying attention. But you get my drift, right?

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