101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step # 15 Enjoy Having Your Family Around You (Kay)

I have two collages in my office bedroom. The first one was designed by me in 1995. Wow, seems like only yesterday. One of the snippets on that collage says, “7th Heaven: A place only family can take you.” I put that snip on my collage because I wanted to learn to appreciate my biological family more. I have some, but I’ve also extended my definition of family. This step was offered by the second of my “adopted mothers,” Kay who said the secret to her happiness is really appreciating each of her family members for the individuals that they are. I think it might help that they are all extremely gifted, but knowing Kay she would appreciate them even if they weren’t. Parties at her house are very frequent and very fun. …. pool parties, jam sessions (since everyone is musical), art walks (yep, they’re artists too), and simple drop ins.

I never leave without feeling special and loved. I usually get some great hand-me-down clothes, or homemade jam, or a plant.

When I visit my biological family, we play dominos or swim or eat something yummy. It’s nice to hang out with people who have known you for a really long time and love you anyway.

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