101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #20 See Difficulties as Rebuilding You

This step is compliments of my good friend, Henrietta, one of God’s angels on Earth. She says, “Know that when you are going through difficulties, God is rebuilding your life and just allow it.”

So true. I can remember when I went through the “dark night of the soul” back in the mid-90’s. I had alternating visions: being a sailor in a trench coat in the pouring rain in a tiny row boat lost at sea.

The other one was more of a feeling than a vision. I felt like a cracked egg. Every day I woke up with waves of anxiety washing over me. It was a powerful experience. Who could have known that that person would become someone who helped others with anxiety. I think the Universe was teaching me what it was like so I could do a better job of helping anxious people. Every day I am thankful that I went through that incredible experience. It has made me who I am.

So the next time you have troubles that seem insurmountable, say “Thank you.”

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