Help for Highly Sensitive People: Part Two The Response

My Response


Hi, Mary:

  1. Find an art therapist to work with.
  2. Read the older tips in my blog There is a tip for connecting left and right brain– doing cross crawls, yoga twists, sit in whole brain posture. Sounds like your hemispheres are at battle.
  3. Take a Nia dance class. You can search the internet for locations. If not available, I recommend Yoga.
  4. It also sounds like you need a past life session (though imagine you would have a hard time getting yourself to do it). Therefore, find someone who does NLP or Time Line Therapy. They are more left-brain based.
  5. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” So, just the fact that you started seeking help means you will find it. The Universe is funny that way.
  6. Also highly recommend reading Dan Millman’s : The Life you were Born to Live.”
  7. Have your right brain tell your left brain to take a nap and just allow things to come to you.  Practice doing this for a few minutes every day.
  8. I have a CD called Anti-Anxiety mini sessions on my website. They are short and easy to do. You might try that as well. There are lots of tips out there.

The goal is to get your brain hemispheres working together not against each other.

Hope this helps.



I’d like permission to reprint your email and my reply in my blog (strictly anonymous) so we can help other people.




Thank you so much for your response! I’m excited to get to work on all the tips you have given me, and I really appreciate your thoughtful advice. As long as it’s strictly anonymous, please feel free to use my email. Hopefully it helps others out there as well!


Thanks again, Mary.

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