How Hypnosis Saved My Life

Hypnosis Can Save Your Life or the Life of Someone You Know!
I’ve been involved with hypnosis as a practitioner since 1999. I first experienced hypnosis in New Orleans in 1995. I can honestly tell you that nothing I have been involved with in my more than a century on this planet has such a profound impact on my life. Nor have I seen others impacted more than through the practice of hypnosis. At least four to six times per year, I get a call from a former client who just wants to let me know what a difference hypnosis has made in their lives. Below you can read my absolute favorite¬†success story from one of my clients that I have ever received. Wow! Feedback like this is what keeps me going.
How Hypnosis Helped Me!

My name is Randy and I’m a forty-seven year old man. At a young age, I started some habits that would become a regrettable part of my life. First smoking, at the age of fifteen, then alcohol, started playing it’s part in my life. As years started passing, these habits became something that seemed natural.

But as I became older these habits started to affect my health. In the year 2006, I started to attempt to resolve these problems that were leading to an early death. I tried nicotine gum, patches and perscription Chantix, to help stop smoking. At the same time my drinking started to affect all parts of my life.

In late 2009, I was in my doctor’s office and overheard a gentleman speaking about how hypnosis had helped him with smoking. At first I was skeptical, but then I thought: “What did I have to lose?”

The phone call I made to Kathy Moore was the first step towards a life-saving experience.

On November 21st, I met Kathy for the first time. It was a two-hour session for no-more-smoking. I walked in smoking, walked out feeling good, had no need, no urges,to stick something nasty in my mouth. Went home put ash trays up and felt great. Hypnosis did in two hours what i tried to do for several years… quit.

December 22nd 2009, I made a second call to Kathy. We spoke for a short time, and I made arrangments to receive five more sessions, for my drinking problem and some other things I felt needed to be fixed. I did the first two sessions for my drinking problem. At the end of the second session, my alcohol problem went away. In the days following, I started feeling something I have not felt in several years. The last three sessions where focused on better sleeping habits, lower blood pressure, better eating habits. Today is January 29, 2010. Hypnosist has become a very good part of my life, and is a large part in saving my life. (Randy listens to his CDs regularly.) I have regained my self respect and self love. I’ve become a better person, father and friend.


Randy S.

Dear kathy
I’m not very good at spelling, please help. If there is anything thing you need to change or remove, please do so. (Only grammar and spelling were corrected. The words are all Randy.)

See ya soon
your pal, Randy.

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