Announcing Living Lightly Detox Weight Loss Series

Have you tried all kinds of diets and eating plans only to get bored and give up? Do you feel weak, starving or crazy when you try to diet?
What if the program you tried was easy and you never felt hungry? Would you try one more time?
I am writing to announce the New and Improved “Living Lightly Weight Loss Series,” now known as Living Lightly Detox. This program is used in conjunction with Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-day Detox. You MUST read the book before signing up to for hypnosis sessions. The hypnosis program will give you the motivation to start the detox plan and will give you the motivation to stay on track. I should know. I used hypnosis before I started the detox and lost 10 pounds in 10 days. I feel so good, I am staying on a modified version of the plan for the next 60 days. What a great birthday present to myself.
I began teaching the Living LIghtly Series through Community Education programs in and around San Antonio in 2000.  Since that time over 2000 private clients and students in group settings have benefited from it.
I have decided to incorporate the Detox plan to help client’s see quick results, not only in their weight loss but in health markers as well. I saw my own fasting blood sugar drop from a high of 160 on day 0 down to a low of 105 on day 10. That is a 50-point improvement! I got similar results with Blood Pressure: 157/87 on Day 2 and 3 down to 123/74 on Day 9. Even more importantly, I kicked a Dr. Pepper addiction that I have had since childhood!
Hypnosis is not a substitute for dietary improvement or exercise. However, my clients and students have reported that using the program has made it much easier for them to stay on track with their weight loss goals.  They have also told me that the program has helped them in other areas of their lives, such as improving sleep, dealing with difficult relationships, accomplishing other goals and increasing overall self esteem.

The premise of Living Lightly is that, when you “lighten up” and let go of worrying and obsessing and simply focus on being happy and healthy, weight loss follows.  Once a client or student tells me that they are feeling “lighter” and “less weighed down by life,” I know they are on the road to shedding pounds. An average of 2 pounds per week was the norm on my original program. Read Dr. Hyman’s study results to see what you should expect after the first week of detox.

Living Lightly Detox is not a fad or a craze. It is built on solid principals of eating real food, exercising safely and having FUN while you’re doing it! That is why I have asked my long time friend and Reiki Master, Cynthia Hazel, to incorporate her energy healings into these sessions. I believe you will have a wonderfully revitalizing experience with Cynthia.

If the original program helped you in the past and you’d like to see what you can accomplish on the new program, please contact me for more details or to schedule your first appointment. And please feel free to share this program with someone who might like it as well. If you are hearing about Living Lightly for the first time and want to know more, feel free to contact me.  If you do not live in the San Antonio area, you can still take advantage of the original Living Lightly for Home Use and combine it with Dr. Hyman’s book and detox plan.
Give yourself the gift of great health this Christmas!
Wishing you a bright and Healthy Future,
Kathy Moore

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