101 Ways to be Really Happy: Step #27–Surround yourself with color

I’ve always been a sucker for color. Everywhere. I learned a long time ago that color makes me feel good. I think I connect to color at a very deep level, the way most people connect to music. The more the better.

I once had a shaman friend tell me he knew when he was visiting someone in the hospital if they were going to recover or not by the colors.If he went into their room and they were black and white but the room was in color, then the person would die soon thereafter. But, if the room was black and white and the person was in color, then he knew they would be okay.

What is your favorite color? I researched several Color Personality Quizzes for this post. The one I found to be most accurate was this one. Personality Color Quiz

Which color do you most associate with happiness? Is it your favorite (or as in my case, one of your two favorites)?

To increase your happiness level, try this simple exercise. Use stick notes in your Happy Color or use white sticky notes and write in your Happy color. Write words like Happy, Joy, Joyful, Laughter, Smile or any other words that you associate with feeling happy and place them in various places where you are sure to notice them: rearview mirror, computer monitor, bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, refrigerator door. When you look at the “happy” note, imagine a time when you were very happy. Put your body in a Happy stance and laugh out loud.

Try this for a week and notice how you feel.

Another great form of color healing is through chakra balancing
Another great form of color healing is through chakra balancing

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