101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #35–Realize That Things Can Always Be Worse Than They Are

Step #35 comes straight from my totally rad friend, Sadaf, otherwise known as Boo.

What I really admire about Sadaf is that she is the most caring person I know. Even when Sadaf is complaining about someone she manages to come across as caring about that person’s well-being.

Her tip for happiness is to realize that things could always be worse. It might sound counter-intuitive to imagine the worse case scenario, but this tip really does work. I have used it myself in cases where something goes really wrong. I can remember the time I had a wreck at the age of 18 going to high school one morning. I remember my dad running up to hug me and my sister and saying, after surveying theĀ totaled old clunker station wagon that belonged to my grandfather, “Things could be alot worse. At least no one is injured.”

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