101 Ways to Be Really Happy: Step #36–Laugh Out Loud!

Go ahead. Try it right now. Even better if you are looking in the mirror or practicing with a friend.

Stand Up.

Put Yours Hands On YOUR HIPS.

And do a great big belly laugh, as hard as you can.

I have a young client who had a long rode back to happy after a serious bout with anxiety and PTSD. I told him I would know he was back when I saw him Belly Laugh.

The first time I suggested it, he just looked at me, shook his head and said, NO Way!

Recently his mom told me she had caught him in a spontaneous belly laugh at home. Yeah!

Even the Helen Gurly Brown method works: Fake it til you make it! Nothing to Laugh about? Just do it anyway. You will crack yourself up.

Trust me on this one. I am an expert on goofy. 🙂

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